It’s been over 25 years since Top Gun was released in theaters.  As a kid, I probably saw it 5 times in the theater and countless times since – yes, I love Top Gun.   Underneath, it was a pure propaganda machine for the military, but on the surface it was something amazing.  The Navy & Air Force probably have hundreds of new pilots because of that movie alone.   It made Tom Cruise the star that he is today, it probably made Val Kilmer drink a little more, it made Anthony Edwards be eternally referred to as “Goose” and it turned Kelly McGuillis into a lesbian.

This Memorial Day Top Gun was on cable for the millionth time and I decided to celebrate our armed forces and give it another watch…that and I didn’t want to get off the couch on my day off.  For this viewing I thought it would be fun to tweet a running commentary for the movie…tough to do with 140 characters and a hundred-plus observations after all these years.  Here we go:

Tweeting as I watch #TopGun today. First question: What does Goose say when the migs fly-by them? “____ 28 been this close before..”? huh?

I’d really like to know the back story with Penny Benjamin and the fly-by..maybe in the prequel #TopGun

PBR and Top Gun

The need for speed is fueled by PBR!

Mav introduces himself to Charlie as “Maverick” – is this part of the pick-up line or does he really go by Maverick in everyday situations?

Charlie has a PhD in astrophysics? I never noticed this! What is that bit she is goin on about in the hangar w/ the Mig, Its out of nowhere

First: I don’t think Ice’s hair is w/in navy regulations. Second: Goose’s “You know, ‘The Finger’..” line is still hilarious! #TopGun

Why doesn’t Jester get in trouble for going below the hard deck first? Why wouldn’t they let Mav in the academy simply because of his dad?

Was Duke Mitchell a total asshole? The man was a hero, shooting down all those migs back in ‘Nam. We need a prequel more than a sequel!

The volleyball scene: Goose won’t take off his shirt, Mav wears jeans…JEANS. Does Cruise have pale chicken legs or something? #topgun

Mav’s mig story is going help Charlie get the promotion at work? Notice Mav never tells her about the mig? He knows the game! #TopGun

Forget the gay thing! Top Gun is really about Charlie doing anything to get a promotion and Mav’s inner demons regarding his dad.

OR it’s really about Mav just wanting to follow through with that bet at the bar with Goose to bang Charlie.

Charlie ripping Mav’s performance really eats at him “She hates my flying! She hates me! I’m going to lose the bet! Where’s my bike?”

I think the Flat Spin sequence terrified the masses just as Jaws did with sharks.

“he would have flown without you, he would have hated it, but he would have done it” Well yeah, it’s the navy, not a choice! Duh

Who does Wolfman call about Mav’s quitting? Does he call Charlie? Why does everyone have her number? She really wants that promotion!

Fiancé: “How did Ducky die?” Me: “Who?” her: “Goose..Goose..stupid 80’s movies.” Yes, I still love her.

Why does Viper’s wife know Mav? Did Viper tell her about him? did they all have a BBQ earlier? Is that who Wolfman called? #TopGun

Viper’s story of Duke Mitchell’s final battle and how classified it is…is kind of a letdown, we expect more really..

How much is the Navy paying these days? Charlie’s rental is on the beach, Viper’s house is on the beach…in San Diego Damn, sign me up!

Fiancé: “You should wear that in the wedding [the top gun graduation uniforms]…well, at least your groomsmen”

A carrier has 70+ aircraft on board, yet an incident happens and they need to call in 5 pilots from #TopGun No one else can handle it?

I always thought Ice asked the Capt if Mav was the best pilot on board, but recently i realized he was asking if he was fit to fly.

Really, if Mav got to the ship and everyone is all “no, that guy is a flat spin magnet, fuck that!” they’d call Viper and fly him in?

Wolfman’s “They must be close, I’m gettin a hard-on!” is classic. Some writer actually scripted that out and thought “yes!”

Is Mav ready to be an instructor at Top Gun? He barely graduated; got his RIO killed and would leave wingmen. God help us indeed, Stinger!

The final two tomcats flying off into the sunset always gets me! Well done! Fantastic movie! Also, “Mighty Wings” is awesome! #TopGun