There’s a saying that if you’re at the poker table, and you can’t tell who the mark is…it’s you.

In the global game of economic musical chairs, the buck doesn’t stop with the banks/governments, it inevitably ends up in the hands of taxpayers. Main street is always on the hook for the bill.

As the banks continue to debase currencies around the world away with QE to infinity, savers are getting brutally punished as they watch their savings, 401K’s, pensions erode away while simultaneously watching the prices of everything around them swell up relentlessly.

As sold out politicians continue to prop up the fraud of false dichotomies around world governments, the big banks continue, unchallenged, to ravage and enslave away the unsuspecting 99% in a sea of debt.

Follow me down the rabbit hole, if you will…

European Debt Crisis Explained in two and a half minutes:

Context Behind the Entire Global Financial System:

Another Perspective from Dmitiry Orlov (who watched the collapse of the Soviet Union unfold before his eyes) and Max Keiser (long time stock broker, inventor of Virtual Specialist Technology, and former CEO of Hollywood Stock Exchange)

Kyle Bass ( American hedge fund manager, is the Founder of Hayman Capital and prescient enough to make a shitload of money off the sub-prime debacle ) on the coming Worldwide Economic Collapse:

Finally, Max Keiser breaks down everything from 9/11, the crash in ’08, and where we go from here:

Guns and Butter – Guest: Max Keiser for June 22, 2011 – 1:00pm

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