This past Monday night cable viewer Carlton Tucker was more than a little confused when he selected “more info” on the guide listing of “Superman…” and found that in fact, it was “Superman IV: The Quest For Peace”.

Tucker described the events that took place: “I couldn’t understand what I was looking at. Were they actually serious with this listing? I didn’t even want to press ‘OK’ to see if it was legit. Why risk catching a minute of that god aweful movie?”

When asked for comment, Encore Action only had the following statement: “It was a Monday night, we were up against a solid Monday Night Football game and decided that the airing of ‘Superman IV’ was a safe call, we apologize to the viewers that were offended by our actions.”

Tucker continued “Superman III, I can see that, it was a lost gem in that batch of movies with Richard Pryor and all – don’t get me wrong, it was shit, but it was no Superman IV by any means.”

Tucker also noted that looking forward to the next airing of “Iron Eagle” whenever Encore Action gets it back in the rotation.