“Don’t Pay Any Attention to the Man Behind the Mask”

They hand selected someone who would come off as an everyman, someone who was younger, basically an attempt to paint a departure from the previous fuckhead president, with the script and directive to emphasize ‘change’ and ‘hope’ for two fucked up terms.

What complete crock of shit. Obama, a banking president, has only accelerated the path towards oblivion, by giving the banks shitloads of cash, pressing aggression towards Iran and the Middle East, and squeezing the middle class into undeniable poverty. Just take a look around you. At a certain point the narrative the mass media tries to spoon feed us falls apart as the reality before our eyes provide cognitive dissonance.

“Oh, you thought you had Rights? Fuck yo Rights!”

Constitutional Lawyer, eh? BULLSHIT.

The people who own the country can’t allow the truth to be disclosed to the general public en mass. Hence the NDAA, which allows the government to illegally detain anyone who would have incriminating information or otherwise blow the whistle on the fuckery that goes on (i.e. Susan Lindauer). Add on top of that the push to allow drones to kill US Citizens, also without due process (i.e. haebeus corpus), and the dissolution of the social contract, much less the constitution, is complete.

“Slaves are first Disarmed”

Just ask Herr Feinstein. This bitch, is pushing the disarmament agenda framed by those who own the country. Once disarmed, they can exact complete control of roaming refugees that were once the general populace of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the founders knew that the only thing to keep tyranny in check is a well armed populace. Even split powers of checks and balances of the three branches aren’t immune to the power of money brought into Washington from lobbyists and cronyism. Just look at how Lanny Breuer, the head DOJ’s criminal division couldn’t put away any senior Wall Street executives during the Liar Loan debacle of the Housing Crisis (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/untouchables/). They’re all bought off and complicit. Judges, congress, president, all part of the same shit pile.