Before MGM got their grubby hands on L Frank Baum’s book, the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wore silver, not ruby, slippers.

If you look under the hood, you can see that the Wizard of Oz was actually an allegory into chronicling mankind’s road to salvation and away from banking tyranny via a bi-metallic standard through the Gold Standard (the Yellow Brick Road), in concert with Silver (her slippers which according to the story was with her the whole time) at a fixed ratio to gold.

By leveraging silver, the 99% could avoid deflation with a plentiful supply of money, and avoid situations where the money makers could buy up assets on the cheap with the increased purchasing power while the middle and lower class didn’t have enough money to buy essentials.

Having silver and gold is relevant now, more than ever, as the interest bearing debt, also known as US Federal Reserve notes are being printed faster than Diane Feinstein can suck off a box full of dicks via QE, which will more than likely continue post-taper, as the US tries to false flag and engage us into war with Syria/Iran. Of course, they will have to print (electronically) this out of thin air, which will devalue the currency even further. The money that you hold in your checking/savings and retirement accounts that you expect to use when you need it the most will go to complete shit as the print the dollar into complete oblivion.

Physical bullion like silver and gold, CANNOT be printed away, and have been used for thousands of years as true money. In fact, it wasn’t until as recently as August 15th 1971 that Nixon, closed the gold window when France requested converting its Federal Reserve Notes to gold. Unable to pay for its unwarranted wars and simultaneously back the world reserve currency with gold, the US effectively defaulted. As world governments today, with their loose monetary policies continue to print money, the fiat currencies will devalue while precious metals, serving as the counter-balance will rise in an inverse fashion.

Just look at how much your money can buy today. The federal reserve notes buys less and less at the super markets, restaurants, and at the pumps. What’s currently happening in India will make it to our shores soon enough: Zero Hedge: India Sliding From Bad to Worse

Some estimates peg the decline of the purchasing power of FRN’s at around 96% since 1900 Decline of the US Dollar


Yellow Brick Road & Silver Slippers

As this ‘Wizard of Oz Allegory’ article explains:

…Oz is short for ounce, the measure for gold and silver.

Dorothy, hailing from Kansas, represents the commoner.

The Tin Woodsman is the industrial worker, rusted as solid as the factories shut down in the 1893 depression. The Scarecrow is the farmer who apparently doesn’t have the wit to understand his situation or his political interests. The Cowardly Lion is Bryan himself; who had a loud roar but little political power.

The Good Witches represent the magical potential of the people of the North and the South.

After vanquishing the Wicked Witch of the East (the Eastern bankers) Dorothy frees The Munchkins (the little people). With the witch’s silver slippers (the silver standard), Dorothy sets out on the Yellow Brick Road (the gold standard) to the Emerald City (Washington), where they meet the Wizard (the President), who appears powerful, but is ultimately revealed as an illusion; the real Wizard being just a little man who pulls levers behind a curtain.

This can be interpreted in two ways: Either, the President himself is really just a little man who pulls levers to sustain an illusion of power, or, the real power of the President rests with the little men behind the curtains who pull the levers and create the illusion.

When the real Wizard is exposed, the now enlightened Scarecrow denounces him. Dorothy drowns the Wicked Witch of the West (the West Coast elite); the water being an allegory for the Midwest drought. The real Wizard flies away in a hot-air balloon, the Scarecrow is left to govern the Emerald City, the Tin Woodsman rules the West, and the Cowardly Lion returns to the forest where he becomes King of the Beasts after vanquishing a giant spider which was devouring the animals in the forest. Dorothy’s silver slippers were changed to ruby in the 1939 film.

For a more palatable video breakdown from Bill Still’s Secret of Oz:

There are a couple of reasons you’d want to get your hands on PHYSICAL silver/gold.

1. Take physical supply of precious metals off the market, and thus propel the world forward to a COMEX default which will bring down JP Morgan and their gigantic shorts.

2. Preserve your wealth, as the global powers devalue their respective currencies in a race to the bottom.

Not sure if this is a justified concern?

Just ask the Cypriots who saw their wealth locked in via capital controls and forced to bail in the banks with their own deposits.

About a third of their deposits, which were frozen due to bank holidays, were converted to class A shares of the bank which was completely worthless as the bank was already insolvent.

Zero Hedge: Cypriots get Huge Hair Cut
Zero Hedge: Cyrpiot Depositors Face Complete Wipeout
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Of course, depositors with huge amounts of money in Cypriot banks, like the Russians/KGB, were tipped off weeks ahead and were able to get their money out.

Others, like the retirees who had a life time’s worth of savings were completely wiped out.

The kicker, is that the Cypriot Bail In, was a beta test for other banks, and this policy is the template coming soon to a bank near you (

The window to give yourself a fighting chance in the future is closing slowly but surely.