The staff of “That’s Right!” is a mixed bag of professionals and mystery.  Let’s get to know them:

Cory Nelson – Editor
Founder of the Heck Yes Podcast and That’s Right!  An IT professional and self proclaimed hater of many aspects of the world, Cory has written numerous blog pieces featured on the legendary MySpace… ok it was just a regular blog, but that stuff was gold!  As the editor of “That’s Right!”, he promotes an open door policy for topics – write what you want, just think it through and have a point!

Chris Cap – Author – “Ten to Touch”
Chris is the co-host of the Heck Yes Podcast and is working on a library of ideas for That’s Right!  In his free time, he enjoys model airplanes, free-form jazz, speed metal guitar and Metallica concerts.

Al Diesel – Author – “Al’s Conspiracy Corner”
Al’s foul language rampage on society is fantastically brutal and honest.  Al is concerned about a great many things and will voice this in his column… get ready.

Polette – Author – “Centuries of Reinforcement”
She’s a mystery to us all, sending in tales from her life that express her thoughts on the world.

Samson Aslam – Author – “Aslam Spring”
Samson has studied the inner workings of international politics for many years.  With his honest assessment of what’s going on, you’ll be enlightened and better off.

Nate Thurbee – Author – “Neighbor Nate”
Nate is 6’8”, so you know what’s up.